BUSINESS Collections




China Bank Savings Bills Pay Plus is a collection service wherein China Bank Savings undertakes the acceptance and collection of payments from your company’s clients/subscribers through any of the Bank’s various payment channels. With China Bank Savings Bills Pay Plus, your company doesn’t have to maintain a payments collection unit. Your company can efficiently collect payments through China Bank Savings' various channels, be it in cash, check or simple fund transfer. For easy monitoring and control your company will receive system-generated reports. More importantly, collections are credited online to your company’s account, thus securing your company funds thru interest-yielding bank instruments at no unnecessary and costly floats.



Payment Channels

Over the Counter - Payments are accepted through any China Bank Savings branch nationwide.

Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) - Regular payments are debited periodically from customers’ China Bank Savings accounts.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) - Payments are accepted through China Bank Savings ATMs for immediate crediting to your company’s account.

China Bank Savings Online - Customers can make payments through the Bank’s Internet and Mobile banking facility. They can settle their bills by either logging on to or sending a text message command through their Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular cellphone. Enrollment in the channel is for free and is necessary.



Features and Benefits


Your account will be credited directly for payments received on the same day at no unnecessary and costly floats.

You will be provided with collection reports for easy reconciliation.

Convenience is shared with your customers who can now course their payments through China Bank Savings' wide range of payment channels.


Safer Collection Process

 Payments of your customers/subscribers are coursed through the Bank – no physical movement of cash necessary.

Mishandling of collection is minimized.

Faster realization of customer/subscriber’s payments


Efficient Collection Management

Administrative costs involved if remittance modes made through courier, mail and others will be reduced.

Faster reconciliation of payments due to the daily reporting of collection. The collection report generated highlights the following:

      •   Customer’s account or reference number

      •   Date of Payment

      •   Payment Mode used

      •   Accepting Branch