Q:What is China Bank Savings’ Easi-Funds Personal Loan?

A:China Bank Savings’ Easi-Funds Personal Loan is a non-collateral loan facility offered to salaried or self-employed individuals in need of instant cash.  This loan is versatile and multi-purpose.


Q:Why should I choose China Bank Savings’ Easi-Funds Personal Loan against other banks?

A:Minimal documentation
   No security
   Flexibility of purpose and quick disbursal


Q:How much can I borrow?

A:The minimum that you may get is P20,000 up to a maximum  P1,000,000.00, subject to the Bank’s approval.


Q:Is there an initial payment upon approval of loan?

A:There will be a one-time processing fee amounting to Php1,500.00 – to be deducted from loan proceeds.


Q:How do I pay for my monthly amortization?

A:You may pay your monthly amortization thru post-dated checks (PDCs).


Q:Will I be charged if I fail to pay my amortization on its due date?

A:Yes. 8% of the past due balance or Php500.00 whichever is higher shall be applied for every month the account is past due.


Q:Am I qualified to apply for China Bank Savings’ Easi-Funds Personal Loan?

A:You are qualified if you are/have:
   -Filipino Citizen
   -Employed / Self-employed individuals with business running for 3(three) years
   -Employed with Gross annual income of at least Php360,000.00
   -Aged 21 to 55 years at time of loan application
   -Principal Credit Cardholder.


Q:What collateral will be asked from me to avail this facility?

A:There is NO collateral requirement.


Q:How do I apply?

A:Application is simple. Just fill-out the application form and submit the following:
   -Photocopy of two (2) valid IDs
   -Photocopy or print-out of latest month’s credit card Statement of Account
   -Proof of Income for Employed (Photocopy of last 3 month’s pay slips/latest ITR)
   -Latest 2 years ITR with matched AFS and 3 months bank statement (self-employed)
   -DTI Registration (Self-employed)
   -List of customers/suppliers with contact details (Self-employed).


Q:How do I get my Easi-Funds Personal Loan?

A:You may get your Easi-Funds Personal Loan via Manager’s Check to your other bank account (subject to three (3) days clearing time) or it may be credited to your Bank China Bank Savings’ account.

Q:How long will it take for my application to be approved?

A:Your loan application may be approved in five (5) working days.

Q:How do I apply?
Q:Where do I apply for Easi-Funds Personal Loan?


A:You may apply at any branch of China Bank Savings nationwide.<