Code of Ethics

China Savings Bank, Inc. (the Bank) is governed by the Code of Ethics of its mother bank, China Banking Corporation. The Code is the foundation of the Bank’s Core Values – Integrity, Teamwork, Pursuit of Excellence, Customer Focus, Concern for People and Fairness & Firmness. It reaffirms the moral values which China Bank has been identified with over the years. These core values are also the foundation of our Code of Ethics - for the Board of Directors and employees.

Setting the tone from the top, our Board of Directors is fully committed to honest and ethical conduct of business. Just as it expects full compliance to the Code of Ethics from all Bank employees, the body believes that its members should also uphold the principles of integrity, fairness, accountability and transparency at all times.

The objective of the Code is to awaken and sustain within the employees a sense of duty and commitment to the virtues of honesty, integrity, prudence and responsibility, and to achieve job efficiency and effectiveness in the attainment of corporate goals.

Every employee is given a copy of the Code of Ethics booklet as reference in maintaining the moral principles and ideals of the Bank. The Human Resource Division ensures that each employee is aware of and upholds the Code – which is comprehensively discussed during the New Employees’ Orientation Course or NEOC.

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