China Bank Savings, Inc. is committed to sustainability and to creating positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Sustainability is an institutional commitment at CBS, regarded as fundamental to sound business practices and good corporate citizenship. CBS recognizes that the continued growth of business is interconnected with the fulfillment of broader development goals, including environmental and social sustainability. And as investors and customers become more aware of the world’s environmental and social challenges, the Bank sharpens its focus not only on delivering strong financial performance, but also in making a positive social and environmental impact.

The Bank is currently developing its Sustainable Finance Framework, aligning it with BSP’s Circular No. 1085, and the Parent Bank’s standards and principles to define the strategies in the Bank’s continuing journey towards sustainability.

In compliance with BSP Circular No. 1085, the Bank documented its transition plan which was subsequently approved by the Board of Directors on October 21, 2021. The sustainability principles were embedded in the Corporate Governance Manual; and the sustainable finance roles were incorporated in the respective charters of the Corporate Governance Committee, Audit Committee, and Risk Oversight Committee.

Please click the link below for the Annual and Financial Sustainability Report of China Bank

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